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There are a number of ways we can get your party balloons inflated for you.

If you have a small number to fill and you fancy being creative then the disposable canister is for you, if you have a larger quantity then the "V" cylinder is a more cost effective option. We can of course fill your balloons for you, please drop into the shop or CONTACT US for advise about your requirements

Cylinder hire

Hire this BOC "V" cylinder for £69.95 + £50.00 deposit

This cylinder will fill approximatly 250 x 9" latex balloons (see chart below) and comes with valve and operating instructions

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Only available in store

Disposable canister

Buy this disposable canister for £33.49

This canister fill approximatley 40 9" latex balloons, see chart below.

Will also fill foil balloons.

Comes with everthing needed to fill your balloons.

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Only available in store


We can fill your latex and foil balloons.

CLICK HERE for prices for balloon bouquets

Ask in store for a quote.