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80521 Crazy White Mesh 90 Day (Pair)

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By purchasing this product you agree the user:- 1. Does not suffer from any eye infections (e.g. Conjunctivitis), any corneal condition (e.g. Keratitis) any allergic eye condition (e.g. Hay Fever) any chronic eye condition (e.g. Glaucoma) 2. Intends to use the eye accessories for cosmetic colour change purposes only and not to correct any defect of sight or refractive error. 3. Will receive clear instructions and guidance for the safe wearing, removal and care of the eye accessories from a qualified eye care practitioner. 4. Is over 16 years of age. 5. Has received the manufacturers helpline number which is 01507 605777. 6. Understands the need for regular periodic check-ups with an eye care practitioner. 7. will remove the eye accessories immediately if they experience any undue irritation, discomfort, exess watering,redness of the eye, blurry/fluctuatating vision. Understands and acknowledges that the accessories are not classified as medical devices and are governed by the EU Cosmetics Directive. In the clinical opinion of the manufacturers ophthalmologist, they are only considered suitable for those with healthy eyes who can confirm ALL 7 statements above to be true and accurate.